Fifteen Singapore-based retail brands will be among the first in the world to sell a wide range of unique products made from upcycled aircraft parts and materials, which have been sourced from retired Singapore Airlines (SIA) passenger aircraft.

Fashion label Tocco Toscano began sales of pouches, wallets, and wristlet clutches made from life vests on 8 December 2021, via its own online and physical outlets, as well as on From 17 December 2021, Supermama will begin workshops at their flagship store at the National Museum of Singapore for customers to customise their own tableware, using Singapore Airlines and aviation-inspired decals designed by Supermama. Sale of their upcycled retail collection of tableware will commence in January 2022.

They will be joined by ANS.EIN, ipse ipsa ipsum and Photo Phactory in January 2022. Other brands including Beyond The Vines, Blithe & Merry, Bynd Artisan, Charles & Keith, Commune, [in]trigue, Protesta, Reckless Ericka, Roger&Sons, and Ying The Label will progressively launch their products lines in the months after.

SIA’s customers and aviation enthusiasts can look forward to a wide range of unique products made of upcycled aircraft materials. These include furniture made from the Airline’s Business Class seats, cabin windows, and overhead compartments, as well as fashion apparel and accessories made from life vests, linen sourced from aircraft cushion covers, bedsheets, blankets, and tableware redesigned from decommissioned service ware.

These products will be launched progressively and made available for sale on, as well as the individual brands’ online and retail outlets. SIA will announce more details of the products through its social media platforms. Further details are available in Annexe A.

This collaboration between the retail brands and the Airline is supported by the Singapore Tourism Board, and aims to encourage innovative cross-sector partnerships and add vibrancy to the local retail scene.

Discussions are ongoing with more Singapore-based and international brands, which are keen to work with SIA on The Upcycling Project.

In the first quarter of 2022, the Airline will also launch a Designed by Singapore Airlines collection that features an exclusive SIA range of unique upcycled products. This includes a collection of aviation tags made from retired aircraft fuselage, and bags made from life vests. These products will be available for sale under the Singapore Showcase category on

SIA is also working with SG Enable, a Singapore-based agency dedicated to supporting persons with disabilities, in its i’mable Collective initiative. Under this initiative, SPD and Singapore Fashion Runway have created lifestyle products made from life vests and seat fabric. These products will be made available for sale on from January 2022, with all net proceeds going directly to support the i’mable Collective makers.

These initiatives are part of SIA’s Upcycling Project, which aims to upcycle and repurpose aircraft parts and materials to create unique retail products and art pieces. These parts will also be used to support educational institutions, artists, and persons with disabilities.

As part of The Upcycling Project, SIA and Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) have launched a competition to promote awareness of design and upcycling among tertiary and pre-tertiary students in Singapore. More information on the competition can be found here.

SIA is also working with educational institutions such as Institute of Technical Education, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, and Singapore Management University by donating aircraft parts and materials to be upcycled for their art or design courses. This introduces the students to the concept of upcycling, whilst also providing an opportunity for the students to better understand the aviation industry.

The Airline is also collaborating with four prominent Singapore-based artists and sculptors, namely Baet Yeok Kuan, Kumari Nahappan, Sun Yu-Li, and Yeo Chee Kiong, to create unique retail art pieces from aircraft parts and materials such as aircraft slats, brackets, and fuselage.

Mr Yeoh Phee Teik, Senior Vice President Customer Experience, Singapore Airlines, said: “This collaboration with Singapore-based retail brands has resulted in the creation of a wide range of innovative and imaginative products, almost entirely by using upcycled aircraft parts and materials. This provides SIA’s customers and fans, as well as aviation enthusiasts from around the world with a rare opportunity to take home these unique products in the coming months.”

Mr James Quan, Founder, Bynd Artisan, said: “We are extremely honoured to be a part of SIA’s Upcycling Project. When we heard that it would involve using materials from passenger aircraft and they would be crafted into everyday lifestyle products, we knew we had to jump on-board and breathe new life into these materials.”

Mr Joseph Lor, Chief Executive Officer, Tocco Toscano, said: “We are delighted to partner with Singapore Airlines on such a meaningful and creative project. The collaboration has given us the opportunity to be part of a larger upcycling initiative, while expanding the diversity of our product range.”

Mr Saurabh Mangla, Founder, ipse ipsa ipsum, said: “ipse ipsa ipsum is proud to present its collaboration with Singapore Airlines, where class and elegance meets heritage and craft. In this exciting project, both companies have come together to repurpose and upcycle these materials into unique products through creativity and innovation. Watch this space as we unveil this exclusive collection.”

Ms Li Ying, Founder and Artist, Ying The Label, said: “It is an honour to work with Singapore Airlines to upcycle aircraft parts and materials, as well as incorporating fabrics from Ying The Label, and repurposing them into unique products. The creation journey has been a very meaningful one, as both sides came together to create every product, incorporating functionality and a little touch of fun. I am extremely excited to launch this capsule!”

Details of Upcycled Products

Retail Brands


ANS.EIN is known for its wearable art, turning art into fashion.

In this collaboration, ANS.EIN used a fabric called lurik, a traditional hand-woven material, which is a cultural heritage of Southeast Asia. This fabric has the perfect combination of structure and softness, creating a beautiful silhouette in each of their designs. A navy coloured lurik with vertical white threads, creating a traditional yet modern look; is a perfect match with the SIA yellow life vest.

The life vest was the brand’s first choice of material for two reasons. Firstly, it cannot be used after reaching its life span, and secondly, it is a non-biodegradable material as it is made of nylon. The structural nature of the life vest creates beautiful three-dimensional ruffles, which is now a decorative element in ANS.EIN's designs.

Beyond the Vines

Beyond the Vines is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Singapore.

For the brand’s first foray into upcycling, they will be combining life vests with recycled fabrics in their signature colourways to produce a variety of products ranging, from familiar favourites such as the Crunch Carrier to brand new products.

Blithe & Merry

Blithe & Merry is a handcrafted, artisanal jewellery label, well-known for their statement genuine leather jewellery and accessories. Leather, fabric, and parts of the seatbelt from aircraft seats complements their iconic jewellery pieces.

Bynd Artisan

Born from a rich heritage of craftsmanship, Bynd Artisan offers customised and personalised leather and paper gifts for everyone, for any occasion. The passion for design extends to corporate gifting with bespoke creations and custom personalisation, enabling customers to share the perfect gift from the heart.

Through this collaboration, the leather from SIA’s Business Class seats was given new life, and repurposed into a series of lifestyle products for everyday use, showcasing the artisanal excellence of local craftsmanship.


CHARLES & KEITH’s vision is to create joy and excitement in the global community to empower women to express themselves freely through fashion, and bringing sustainable wear up to another level. Through this collaboration, their aligned sustainability efforts will give SIA’s seat leathers a second life through their iconic bag and wallet silhouettes.


Commune aims to create a lifestyle that brings people together in style and comfort. Furniture from the brand is designed to be human-centric, with beauty and the needs of the modern individual being the crux in the conceptualisation process.

Commune is collaborating with SIA to bring the iconic cabin windows and carts from the aircraft into customers’ homes. The ergonomics and aesthetics of aviation will meet the style and functional comfort of furniture in this collection.


[in]trigue is a conceptual jewellery brand that explores the kinship between the elements of architecture and nature. This collaboration will showcase the orchid, Singapore’s national flower, where jewellery will be created using in-flight seat fabrics.

ipse ipsa ipsum

ipse ipsa ipsum’s name reflects a tapestry of designers, artisans and individuals who are changing the face of handmade furniture. From their talented vision comes a collection of inspired pieces that transform any ordinary living space into an extraordinary experience.

Through masterful techniques perfected by tradition, each handcrafted piece is a testament to quality and design, and the latest Singapore Airlines collaboration is no exception. From parts of the Suites and Business Class seats to the aircraft overhead compartments, these cabin components are made more meaningful, reimagined into beautiful items that are built to last.

Photo Phactory

Inspired by vivid and colourful imagery of Singapore's various precincts, Photo Phactory aims to preserve Singapore's rich heritage and history through their products. The design of each product showcases the founder's 'Singapore Story', captured through her photography and design.

The collection of lifestyle products and apparels developed in collaboration between SIA and Photo Phactory is inspired by Peranakan tile patterns and motifs, incorporating their distinct shapes and architecture. The Peranakan print designed especially for this collaboration represents the meaningful culture and history of the city, beautifully implemented across lifestyle products. This collection is all about upcycling and repurposing the various parts of the aircraft such as seat covers, cushion covers, tablecloths, and bedsheets, converting them into modern accessories like tote bags, dumpling bags, clutch bags, placemats, and kimonos.


PROTESTA’s minimalistic jewellery designs are inspired by the journey of life. Inspired by the travel restart, AFRESH is the concept of the collaboration, where SIA’s aluminium from inflight first aid kits are upcycled into a range of sleek and timeless, zero waste jewellery.


RECKLESS ERICKA offers exceptionally designed apparel that are both fashionable and functional. The collections are designed in-house, with a strong emphasis on craftsmanship.

For this collaboration, the brand has taken on the challenge to upcycle linens from SIA’s soft furnishings, and will turn them into one-of-a-kind wearables.


Roger&Sons is a team of ethical makers and mavericks who craft fine furniture and thoughtful objects. Their work is driven by inquiry, and spans disciplines: furniture, industrial, and product design, as well as woodworking.

The collaboration with SIA will see furniture pieces reimagined from Economy Class seats and more that seek to combine the beauty of woodwork with metal. The products will be a conversation piece in any space.


Supermama is a Singapore design and lifestyle goods brand. The brand believes that good stories, good design, and good craft make good gifts.

This collaboration will see porcelain service ware pieces, from the range that was launched when SIA first operated the A380 in 2007, reimagined and redesigned with familiar graphics inspired by SIA.

Tocco Toscano

Tocco Toscano’s fashion accessories present a fine balance of fashion, elegance, and utility, whilst complementing the modern lifestyle.

SIA and Tocco Toscano collaborated on a collection of small leather goods that feature the iconic life vests and the familiar seat belt buckle. The pieces are eye-catching with the striking yellow from the life vests, and they are paired with interiors made from sustainable apple leather, a first in Singapore.

Ying The Label

Ying The Label uses fabrics as their canvas, translating every art piece into wearable products and accessories. Both SIA’s cushion covers and Ying The Label’s upcycled fabrics are artistically blended, turning every creation into a wearable art. Every design is one-of-a-kind and instinctive.

Social Service Agency and Social Enterprises

SG Enable

SG Enable is an agency dedicated to enabling persons with disabilities to live, learn, work, and play in an inclusive society. As the focal agency for disability in Singapore, it raises awareness on disability issues and facilitates access to disability schemes and services.

i’mable Collective is an initiative by SG Enable that fosters multi-sectoral collaborations among artists, craft makers, creatives, and enterprises to develop a viable market for quality merchandise and services made by, or with persons with disabilities. With programmes for capability building, retail collaboration and partnership outreach, i’mable Collective creates enterprise opportunities to energise inclusive communities to bring about social impact.

i’mable Collective makers involved in this collaborative project with Singapore Airlines include SPD and Singapore Fashion Runway. Net proceeds from sale of the products will go directly to the makers.


SPD is a local charity set up to help people with disabilities of all ages to maximise their potential and integrate them into mainstream society. The collaboration with SIA will see passport and book sleeves handcrafted from the aircraft seat leather and fabric by the artisans under the SPD Artisan Collab brand, with proceeds going directly to support them.

The brand celebrates the skills of differently abled artisans through the provision of meaningful vocational training and employment. Each hand-stitched product represents the tenacity of the artisans overcoming their personal odds and difficulties in crafting.

Singapore Fashion Runway

Singapore Fashion Runway (SFR) is a social enterprise that nurtures people with special needs and disadvantaged groups through its Fashion for a Social Cause movement.

The collaboration will see life vests being reimagined into waist pouches and baby bibs. Proceeds raised from the sale of these products, which are designed and sewn by SFR’s Fashion for a Social Cause beneficiaries, will continue to provide support to them.

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