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Amaranth: A Crop With A History

Amarant is a special agricultural crop: nutritious, healing, economically profitable, with unlimited prospects for use.

During its millennial history, the amaranth had an era of incredible take-off (the ancient Indians called it the "Grain of God" and endowed it with magical properties), as well as the decline and total prohibition by the Spanish colonizers and Peter I in Russia.

Now cultural and wild forms of amaranth are widespread on all continents. It is traditionally used for food in Peru, Chile, Mexico, the USA, India, Pakistan and other countries. The driving force for the popularization of amaranth around the world was a scientific discovery made at the end of the last century - it is amaranth seed oil that offer the largest content of squalene, which saturates the human body cell with oxygen, accelerates metabolism, triggers regeneration processes.

The unique combination of squalene with vitamins, polyunsaturated fatty acids, macro- and trace elements allows normalize metabolic processes in the body and significantly increase immunity. The body begins to work effectively. Back in ancient times, people knew that the amaranth "treats both the spirit and body." Without any doubt, amaranth oil in food industry is a really vital set of nutritional components and elements.

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